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Publishing Date: 09.03.03 05:47

Forgot your password? Please email our special G2 customer service at [email protected] 


Please make sure that your Browser, Norton or other software are set to a level that will "allow cookies from a site that you are attempting to login at"; usually the medium (or a little lower) setting is sufficient.

Also, you may need to go into your firewall and/or antivirus programs and allow access to this exact address: http://g2bulletin.wnd.com

Username and passwords are case sensitive. Please turn-off your CAPS LOCK key.

Username & Password Examples:

Your username is Ex: jsmith (no spaces, all lowercase)
Your password is Ex: 52401bg (no spaces, all lowercase, letters and numbers are acceptable)

If you have trouble gaining access with the Username and Password received in your G2 Subscriber Email, please consider the following solutions:

What are cookies? How do I enable/disable cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of data that a Web site stores on your hard disk. The purpose of a cookie is to store a preference that you specify, such as custom page, or to allow you to return to a site later and pick up where you left off, such as when using a Web-based message board. Some sites also use cookies to store information as you move from page to page on a site. The Superstore.wnd.com and G2 Bulletin web sites require cookies, so if you disable or selectively disable cookies, be sure to allow them for access to our content. For information on enabling/disabling cookies please visit here:

Forgot your password? Email G2 customer service at [email protected]